• London Temza - Noam Navon

    Sizes includ framing:

    Small 30X30 cm

    Medium 50x50 cm

    Large 100X100cm


    Print only:

    Small 25x25 cm

    Medium 45x45 cm

    Large 95x95 cm


    Opitions of buy:

    Print without frame

    Print + frame




    Frame: The frame comes without glass.

    the frame called Rustico (its made in Italy, wood material and black colour)

    Dimensions: to each print size the frame add 2cm from each size and height from the wall 4cm.

    *Print of 25cm will be with frame 30X30cm

    *Print of 45cm will be with frame 50X50cm

    *Print of 95cm will be with frame 100X100cm


    PRINT PAPER: Canson Fine art Baryt paper 310gr (anti acid paper)

    the print is glued (anti-acid glue) to material that called Dibond (aluminium + PVC)


    Number of Copies 10 to each size

    the works come with a certificate of authenticity. (signed and number of copy)



      Herzl 158 St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel